Thai Video Transcripts

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Welcome to Thai Video Transcripts! This site is a wiki, which means it's a collaborative effort that you can help with.

TVT is a learning tool for students of the Thai language. There are nearly endless Thai videos on sites like YouTube and KosanaThai. On TVT, users work together to transcribe the text of these videos. This process will help you to improve your understanding of Thai as actually used by native speakers, and makes it simple to copy-and-paste unfamiliar words into websites like,, or

Anyone can contribute to this site! In particular, if you are a native speaker of Thai, or an experienced student, your input is invaluable. However, everyone should feel free to give it a try. If you see a mistake in a transcription, please correct it.

In addition to simple transcription, on this site you can also annotate the transcript to explain pop culture references, idioms, or make other useful notes for students of Thai. Or feel free to add a translation of a video. See Chocolate for an example.

Every video has its own discussion page. There you can ask for help with parts you're having trouble transcribing, exchange thoughts on translation, or pretty much anything else.

To get started, head over to the Video Index.